Foxconn Reneges On Statements Regarding Apple HDTV

Remember when Foxconn got loose lips and started popping off about a certain Apple HDTV that's in development? Seems like someone at Apple put the fear of god into its manufacturing partner, because all of a sudden, Foxconn is claiming that they had "neither confirmed, nor speculated" about any such thing.

TheNextWeb got a statement from the Shenzen-based company, who, not surprisingly, played things a little closer to the vest this time around.

In a written statement to The Next Web, Foxconn said that Gou had "neither [confirmed] nor [speculated] about Foxconn's involvement in the production of any product," adding that it is company policy "not to comment on any customers or their products."

Certainly this won't be the last anyone hears of this. [TheNextWeb]



    Very poor reporting by this person as Foxconn did not renege; they have stated that their CEO never said, or would ever say, anything about the rumoured Apple HDTV or any other product in the first place. A few other (and better written) articles on other sites have better reporting about this.

      Yes, but if the original statements DID come from Foxcon then this statement represents a renege. ;)
      So the reporting here would actually be superior to elsewhere in that case.

    Ozoneocean: I suggest you read the article "Anatomy of an iTV rumor" on Fortune's website to see how wrong you are.

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