New iPhone Apps: Foodspotting, The Weather Channel, And More

We're giving you the forecast, a diet tool, a fun photo app, and so much more in this week's best iPhone apps. You'll also be managing all your tasks better and feasting your eyes on all kinds of delicious food.

The Weather Channel:

Rain or shine, people always find a way to talk about the weather. Because it matters, and because people are boring. Because you don't want to get caught in the middle of a storm without your umbrella, you need the Weather Channel app. It's just been updated to include social integration and a more beautiful user interface. Free

Super Diet Genius: Dieting is a challenge, but it's easier with a coach. This app works as your personal health guru, helping you shed pounds by offering customised meal plans that only include the foods you like. You can go at your own pace, setting goals for as low as a half a pound lost each week. $4.49

FreezePaint: We've seen oodles of Instagram clones, and while FreezePaint is a photo app, it brings something different to the table. You can chose which parts of an image you want to replicate and build your own custom picture. When you're done you can freeze the whole thing and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email. $0.99

Foodspotting: You can drool over all the food porn you want and get personalised restaurant recommendations in your area. This is a full-service meal app, where you can make reservations through OpenTable and glance at menus via Single Platform. Just updated, Foodspotting on iOS features new place and profile pages. Are you hungry yet? Free

Do by Do is an app that's designed to not only manage your tasks but the tasks of an entire team. Everyone working on a given project shares tasks with one another, keeping the entire team up to date on the project's status. Free

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