First UHD Shoulder-Mount Camera Brings 8K Ridiculousness Closer To Reality

4K might be the next wave of video resolution, but Ultra High Definition is the next next wave. And we're finally seeing the technology take its first steps towards your living room.

Japan's public broadcasting company, NHK, has been working hard on bringing Ultra High Definition (8K) video to the real world. Ultra High Def consists of an image size of 7680×4320, 16 times the resolution of standard HD.

Previous models of Ultra High Def cameras have been insanely large, but NHK's new compact version fits the profile of a traditional television camera. It's also compatible with many widely available still-camera lenses.

But don't get too excited. Ultra High Def programming probably won't make its way into anyone's living room for many years. Technology still must be developed for market-priced displays, recorders and distribution infrastructure. But when it is, my eyeballs will be ready and waiting. [YouTube via New Launches]

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