Exclusive: Galaxy S III In Australia: 'No Plans' At This Time

Ouch. The hype was high for the Galaxy S III, but Samsung Australia's just told us that there are "no plans to make any announcements" regarding it at this time. More: Samsung Galaxy S III: Meet the New Android Emperor Samsung Galaxy Event Meta Liveblog: All The News As It Happened

At the just-concluded Galaxy S III launch event, the date of May 29th for Europe was stated as the official launch for the 3G model, with "Asia" to follow. The 4G version for Korea and the US isn't due until the (northern hemisphere) summer, and the smart money says that'll be a 700Mhz unit, rather than the 1800Mhz that Telstra and Optus' networks use. Still, that "Asia" tag often includes Australia as well.

Except this time. Sorry, Galaxy S III fans, but you're going to have to wait; I just got the official statement from Samsung Australia, which reads as follows:

"Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our GALAXY range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time"

Once again, ouch. Maybe... just maybe... it's because it's early in the morning right now, but in that case I would have thought they'd simply not make a statement at all. I suspect -- as with the Galaxy Note -- that the direct importers are going to make a lot of money out of that statement.



    Like this is going to stop anyone. As with every other Android release, there will be 2 threads about it springing up on Whirlpool any second with comparisons over whether Expansys, Handtec or Clove offers the best deal.

      And following that the complaints about how Samsung Aus will not honour repairs, warranty etc etc.

        Buy one from the UK and stick it to the man (Gerry Harvey)

        Did that for the SII and never looked back.

          Don't understand how u mean with that one...that said I always void warranty anyway

    lol good move samsung.... looks like i will need to get the one-x now.... :( was really really holding out for this too...

      I was holding out for this to but when I seen the specs I was very disappointed they are good but not a good as they should have been so now I'm getting a galaxy nexus and save myself some $

    Steve is right, for those who really want the Galexy S III an online they will go. Shame they haven't embedded 1800 MHz LTE in the chipset though...guess we'll have to hangout until the digital dividend is auctioned off to take full advantage of it

      Major disappointment.
      My only hope is that Samsung AU has been so quiet because they are awaiting details of an a regionally spec'd 1800Mhz flavour.

    There's an ad for the Galaxy SII running at the side of this story, why would you buy that old phone when there is a clearly better one out there? Weird

      Because that's the 4g SII which is actually relatively new, has a spec bump over the standard SGII and the SGIII is likely not going to be 4G in Australia.

    I didn't wake up for this. My body did. I had no choice. And now were told there's no plans for this. Way to leave ur fans hanging Samsung. One galaxy S. Two galaxy sII's and a galaxy note. I almost feel betrayed.

    No 1800 MHz? Big Mistake and I cannot see Telstra rushing to get this phone then.
    HTC here I come!

    What the pancake?! I can't believe I waited for this... Samsung obviously doesn't feel that they need the Australian market anytime soon >:( My thoughts are with biker: HTC, I'm sorry I strayed!

      TBH the probably don't. We aren't a huge market lets face it.
      But yeah I'm still annoyed. I would have been seriously tempted if this was 4G.

    With such a tiny number of peolpe down here it's suprising we get anything at all !
    But this sort of response is garbage they should stick to their guns and release it in Australia !
    I'm thinking that my Galaxy S might frizbee for a HTC

    so if we buy the european 3g version, will it work on telstra here? will it be fast? and.. (and forgive my stupidity for not knowing this stuff).. is the sgs3 'dual band' 3g?

      Nope, it won't work on Telstra 4G. The 4G Telstra emits on is a different frequency than what overseas carriers use. So unless they manufacture a phone with the frequency needed, sorry mate. Won't have any luck. The 3G, however, should work on Telstra, I think. But don't hold me to that. Either way, we gettin duped, playa

      You need quad band gsm with 850 to work with telstra. And unless they custom their own version (which is unlikely given they just released sgs2 lte) then gl finding an 1800mhz LTE handset, hardly any carriers in the world run lte on 1800...

    Shattered but not waiting any more, looks like ill be getting the One-x.

    As with lots of others Im due a new phone soon looks like it will not be a Samung :-( way to let Australia down

    Nokia Windows Phone looking more and more enticing...

    All I can say is my HTC One X I got 2 weeks ago is great. The only thing I would want added to the htc one x is a microSD slot but being 32GB its not a big deal just means I need to change the music on it more often but considering its drag and drop instead of itunes thats really not a big deal... I've actually got a few GB free on my htc one x because im not sick of the music I put on it yet

    You realise that is the standard marketing response Samsung has given to any request for information that contains the word Galaxy for the last 2 weeks? How about waiting till business hours and then posting?

      While it's a standard boilerplate response, it's direct from Samsung; they're in charge of how they deal with responses -- and given that, for example, the Optus twitter account has just tweeted that they've got "no plans" as well, I'd pretty much say that's the official line -- and therefore worthy of reporting on!

    cor .... the spec looks rather impressive ... Wake up apple !

    Couldn't wait for the S3, so I got a HTC One X a month ago. Great phone, better than the 4S and so glad I didn't wait for the "it will be out later on" tease.

    One X is still a better phone.. and Samsung needs to get rid of Touchwiz.. its awful and doesnt work

    i thought the Optus network uses 700MHz.

    Samsung AU marketing dept: FAIL.

    They could've been riding the wave of positive publicity with this thing, now they're just going to generate negative headlines/WP threads and drive Aussie consumers to buy grey-imports and the HTC One X.

    Even a "coming soon" is better than a "we're got nothing to announce" because we all know it WILL be released here..eventually.

    Just get one from Asia lah.

    ...and then LG announces what looks like a S3 killer with 2g RAM! think i will be waiting for more specs on that before i pick my new handset....

      The LG what? I'll be looking this one up! I was waiting for the S III too. Seems I'll be joing everybody else on the One X wagon. So peed off right now!

    too big, not buying

    @ Samsung marketing & publicity dept: You suck at your job! (OK, I take it back, you suck at it BIG TIME - hahaha)
    This is probably the second biggest hoo-hah event next to an Apple product release and you couldn't even come up with a have baked answer as to when it will be available in Australia?
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but even an answer like maybe: "Samsung Australia does not have the exact details yet, but we aim to have this phone available in Australia by August/September"

    Ditto for availability in USA. Not having done anything at MWC was more like buying time in order to make a later announcement AND stalling for another month at best. So much for "simultaneous" market release.

    I would have sacked the lot if it was my company, just saying.

    Load of crap. Would love to know why

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