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The Android iteration of the social reading app Flipboard was supposed to be a Samsung Galaxy S III exclusive. As it turns out, not so much. The app has popped up for download on the XDA Developers forum, and it appears to be installing on a handful of current and previous generation Android handsets and tablets.

Some users report bugginess with the app (the Asus Transformer Prime, for example), while others say their older devices run great (the Samsung Galaxy S II). But this doesn't appear to be the final version of the app, as the one poster, along with The Verge, points out that the promised widgets are not available. Either way, if you're an Android user, head here to get your hands on the app before someone calls for its takedown. [XDA-Developers via SlashGear via The Verge]


    It's already gone :(

      @Andrew: It's still on XDA - just d/l'ed it and it installed fine on my stock OG Transformer. Account creation fine and all working good... (I kinda still prefer Currents for general layout tho...)

    Runs fine on a Galaxy S II with ICS

      Runs on my Galaxy S rooted

    Runs on my LG Optimus 3D. Fantastic app!!

    Tried it, I'll stick with Taptu. I don't really understand the hype, its your typical iphone app (looks pretty runs smoothly lacks feature and flexibility)

      Yep, I played with it twice and uninstalled. Besides the flipping bugs (pun intended), it's just nowhere near as mature or functional as Currents...

    It's almost exactly the same as Google Currents.

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