Douglas Adams On The History Of Books

We're just past the anniversary of Douglas Adams' birthday. Adams loved his technology, and this audio, recorded back in 1993 covers his predictions as to where books were going. The video's part of a recently held competition by The Literary Platform, but the audio's where the real gold is. Sure, Adams' use of "Powerbook" dates it a little, but the core ideas are absolutely present in today's Kindles and iPads. [The Literary Platform via Geekosystem]


    Brilliant, freaky, and true: At each step, more nonsense get's written down.

    IE: Jean Austin on paper.
    Twilight has eBookes....

    Look at the shit on amazon (I do, trying to find the diamond in the rough!)

    That didn't cover any "predictions" it was an add for "Voyager Expanded book software". That's pretty clear in the audio. NO predictions about where books were going at all, but a sort of an ad for what was already out there.
    He "predicted" where books were going in his Hitchikers books about 13 or more years before this Audio was done.

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