Doggie Treat Maze Ball Is The Perfect Way To Make Your Pet Resent You

As much as you'd like to, you can't spend every waking minute playing with your dog. So this Mazee ball will fill in as the perfect petsitter, challenging your dog to free a delicious treat by solving the simple maze inside.

In fact the $US17 Mazee is exactly like those spherical Perplexus puzzles designed for humans. The only difference is that dogs are lacking the dextrous limbs and digits of their owners, requiring them to frustratingly bat this thing around with their paws or snout until the treat is randomly released.

Which in turn is only going to serve to fuel the fire of resentment inside them that was sparked when you forced them to wear fake reindeer antlers at Christmas. And you wonder why they shred the toilet paper while you're away. The Mazee certainly isn't the first dog toy that makes your pup work for a treat, but this one is particularly neat since it looks like it gives their brains as much of a workout as their bodies. [Mazee Puzzle Ball]

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