Did Nokia Accidentally Leak New WP7 Features?

Nokia has been very aggressive — and necessarily so, given its dipping position in the global smartphone stakes — in promoting its Windows Phone 7 handsets. But an advertisement running for the Lumia 900 may have accidentally leaked upcoming Windows Phone 7 features.'

The ad ran as a banner on PCAdvisor and was certainly still there at the time of writing. The ad has since popped up on YouTube, which you can see below:

What's significant there is the presence of a flippable people hub tile that reminds you to "meet up with Sarah" and the split photo pane that shows how many shots are in your albums. Not earth-shattering features, but certainly new. Whether it's a deliberate hype leak or Nokia making a mistake, I'll leave that up to the comments section below. [The Next Web and WMPowerUser]

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