Dear Santa, Please Bring Me This Minecraft Lego Set

Dear Santa, Please Bring Me This Minecraft Lego Set

Hey, Santa? I know you’re not that busy this time of year. In between planning meetings and those relaxing weekends at Elf Resorts, could you see fit to dropping one of these limited edition Minecraft Lego sets down my chimney?

I’m very, very jealous of Slashgear’s Chris Burns right now; he’s got a hands-on with the official Lego Minecraft set. That’s 480 blocks of Lego goodness with a Minecraft flavour, right down to custom colours and a four-way peg that allows for easy tunnelling. There’s even a Creeper in there, although I’m guessing in order to comply with health and safety regulations, he doesn’t explode when you click him into place. Also, I genuinely had no idea that the hero in Minecraft was called Steve. I always thought he was “me”.

Yeah, sure, I know Minecraft basically is just digital Lego, and what’s more, we’ve covered Minecraft Lego before, but still… I want it. So, Santa, do we have a deal?

Oh. That’s right. I don’t have a chimney. DAMN!