Dancing With Industrial Robot Arms Is Even Sadder Than Dancing With Yourself

As more and more manufacturing jobs are shipped overseas, it's nice to see that industrial robots are still finding work. Particularly when it pertains to their first love, interpretive dance, thanks to choreographer Thomas Freundlich's latest performance piece titled Human Interface.

Described as a "contemporary dance for humans and industrial robots", the performance features a choreographed routine between a couple of humans free to move across the stage, and a couple of ABB industrial robot arms bolted to the floor. And while the human performers are free to ad-lib their routines as they're emotionally inspired during a performance, the robot's movements are pre-programmed creating some kind of clever juxtaposition between man and machine.

Human Interface is now running at the Zodiak Centre for New Dance in Helsinki. At least until its creator finds that the minimum wage for interpretive dancers is a lot cheaper in China. [Thomas Freundlich via The Verge]


    video - Using a group of small humanoid-like robots, researchers at the Aldebaran Robotics lab are investigating new ways for robots to coordinate complex motions. Instead of looking to a particular other robot or robots for visual cues, the robots instead get their cues from the environment, taking a page out of bacteria's behavioral books. In the video, featuring seven robots dancing to "Thriller," when one robot's dance is disrupted, the group works together to get him back in sync. http://www.patexia.com/feed/video-dancing-robots-sync-like-bateria-20120524

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