Custom Map-Printed Napkins Ensure You'll Never Lose Your Way Home

Everyone likes to rep their city. Some do it by wearing a jersey from their favourite sports team. Others make even bolder statements by inking their state somewhere on their body. But maybe you're not a bandwagon fan, and maybe you don't want to make such a permanent commitment.

Soft Cities is making some wonderful napkins with crowd-sourced data from printed on them. The come in three different styles — pink candymap, yellow lemondrop and blue midnight commander. A set of two custom "mapkins" will run you $US65, and a set of four is $US79. You can pick a specific address to be the centre of the map, with a custom marker designating the significance of the location. Excuse me while I order a set sporting the streets of Brooklyn. [The Awesomer and Gear Patrol via Laughing Squid]

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