Culturemodo: Shanghai’s Museum Of Glass Is Shatteringly Excellent

Culturemodo: Shanghai’s Museum Of Glass Is Shatteringly Excellent

Glass is ordinary, boring stuff, right? Shanghai’s Museum Of Glass shatters that perception with an extraordinary array of glass-related art and history, along with a cutting sense of humour.

At the end of HP’s Global Influencer Summit (where I’ve already written about ultrabooks, notebook torture testing, custom cars and future technology directions), the company held a closing dinner at the Shanghai Museum of Glass. It’s a bit off the beaten tourist track (to put it mildy), but it certainly stands out once you’re there.

Glass can be arty stuff…

Or it can simply be an alligator…

Side note: A couple of months back, I asked Giz readers what they’d like to see more of; one of the suggestions was an intermittent column about the stuff that Giz editors are passionate about. I like museums, but if you’re not keen, you could always, say, go argue about the NBN or something.

What I really like about this particular museum is its innate sense of fun. Mirrors are everywhere, which is deliberately confusing, as it muddles your sense of scale of every single room.

I don’t think there are performing acrobats here all the time, although I could be wrong.

Mirrors… everywhere. Yes, even the bathrooms; they’re decked out in funhouse distorting mirrors.

This is easily my personal favourite part of the museum’s collection. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Nuclear Pomegranate.I so want one for my home.

Alex Kidman travelled to Shanghai as a guest of HP, and could do the trapeze thing if he really wanted to.