Creepy Russian Robot Seeks To Save Souls From Certain Death

Everyone stop everything. Listen, we're all going to die at some point, but in the meantime a group called Russia-2045 is working to avoid this certain fate, and they're building a robot to do so.

They've just finished the first very creepy, lifelike torso of the first terrifyingly human-like android that is supposed to help them do this when the planet becomes over crowded. The robot, reminiscent of Michael Fassbender's character in the upcoming movie Prometheus, bears eerie resemblance to its creator, and it's capable of some facial recognition. When the planet becomes overcrowded, the idea is that our brains would be uploaded over to these replicas of ourselves and they'd travel into space and live forever. The end. [PlasticPals via Engadget]


    I've seen some cheesy snake oil peddlers before, but the pile of techno babble takes the cake!

    Transfer your mind to an android body and all you have is an android version of yourself that will go on without you.
    You will still die and not experience anything the 'droid does.
    Don't see the point.
    Better to replace my biological bits and pieces leaving my brain in place.
    THEN I'll be able to do the really cool stuff. Like go into space without a suit, or dive to great depths again without the need for extra gear etc.
    But just "uploading" my mind won't help ME one bit.

    The line in the 2045 clip about 'the main pursuit for man will be spiritual self improvement....' WTF- AFTER we attain immortality and complete control over the physical realm, ending all forms of human need!? What would be the point of spirituality then? LOL

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