Credit Card Thin Battery Is Perfect For Other Kinds Of Emergency Charges

If you thought the Mastercard card in your wallet was the perfect tool for solving all of life's little emergencies, think again. This wallet-friendly backup battery can charge your iOS devices or serve as an emergency sync cable.

With just a 400mAh battery tucked inside its 7mm-thick case, the card's not going to be able to charge more than one device before needing a recharge of its own. But the fact that it doubles as an ultra-compact sync cable more than makes up for that limitation. And for just $US12 it even includes an LED flashlight for emergencies that don't involve uploading one last Instagram photo. [USBFever via Gear Diary]


    Maybe if you glued three credit cards together...

    And they couldn't make a micro USB one because...

      would love a micro USB one of these so much

    400mah is nothing, your average phone is 1500mah to 2500mah

      I don't think it's supposed to charge your phone to full capacity, only just to get a few calls in to tell people you'll be out of action or limp you to your next recharge for another few hours. Or maybe just charge the phone, turn it off and only use it for an emergency. An extra 30% of battery juice should get you through another 4-6 hours on a phone if you conserve the battery.

      Of course, these things are only useful because phone manufacturers don't allow us to have removal batteries.

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