Clamp Shelf Tightens So Your Books Never Fall Again

In one fell swoop designer Colleen Whiteley has put an end to the novelty bookend industry with her brilliantly clever and simple Hold On Tight Shelf. And here's to hoping that every single furniture maker adopts this idea.

The shelf works just like a carpenter's clamp and features a thin groove that accommodates a sliding aluminium cube and wing nut that can be tightened at any position. Even the heaviest of textbooks won't be able to cause a literary avalanche when the nut is cranked tight.

Sadly, it's not a real product just yet. But if you head on over to Dwell and vote for it in the site's Live/Work design contest, you might better its chances at one day becoming available for sale.

[Dwell via Swissmiss]



    books?? call me when they make one for my cassette tapes and vinyl

    Vote? Think I might just go out and make one....

    Rad idea though.

    My parents had this sort of thing in our house growing - unfortunately that makes the idea over 30 years old...

    I made one of these in year 8 woodwork over 25 years ago. NOT ORIGINAL

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