Change The Shape Of This Lamp With The Pull Of A String

Overhead lighting is possibly the least flexible way to illuminate a room. Flip a switch, the bulb goes on, and cleansing light shines down. End of story. It you want to switch up the lighting for, say, a little more mood, you're out of luck. Unless you've chosen the impossibly clever Greta pendant lamp, which can throw light onto your ceiling with the pull of a drawstring.

Designed by Whatswhat, a trio of young designers who met at school, Greta was created initially as a class project but is now a fully fledged piece that can adorn your living room. The 56cm tall lamp comes in six colours and is priced like the attractive centrepiece it is. But some will find it worth it for the ability to literally see a room in a new light by pulling a string. [Svenskttenn via FastCoDesign]

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