Cathay Pacific Opens VIP Lounge Access To Social Media Influencers

The internet afford book deals to dogs, and it can turn a shrill teenager into a Billboard chart-topper. From today a Klout score of 40 or higher gets in the international terminal of San Francisco International Airport into the VIP lounge of Cathay Pacific Airways — usually only avaialble to first class and business ticket holders.

It's all part of a new partnership between the Hong Kong-headquartered airline and the judgey-web-presence-influence-judger, coming just on the heels of Klout's iPhone app release, which weary travellers will use at the first class lounge to open up their Klout profile and prove their worth in the eyes of the internet.

Previously, the lounges seven workstations, three showers, and noodle bar were a privilege to be enjoyed only by those travelling on a first or business class ticket. Now, businessmen and businesswomen and every other usual customer of the airline's elite fair can look forward to rubbing elbows with likes of Rebecca Black and Boo the Dog. An inadvertent in-transit ROFLCon, if you will. [TechCrunch - Image via Phillip Dyhr Hobbs/Shutterstock]

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