Can You Really Combine A Compound Bow And A 12-Gauge Shotgun?

This video purportedly shows someone demonstrating what has to be one of the craziest weapon mashups we've ever encountered: a compound bow crossed with a 12-gauge shotgun.

There's been some well-deserved scepticism as to whether or not the recoil is authentic, and more importantly, whether or not the bow's strings can be used to successfully impact the shotgun's firing pin. There's also the question of why someone would choose to completely negate the stealthy silent nature of hunting with a crossbow, and why this creation didn't come from the twisted mind of our favourite slingshot builder, Joerg Sprave. [YouTube via Neatorama]


    Its good, but I was thinking of a dual purpose contraption by the title. Don't worry, I am registering the kick starter page for that little project as we speak.

    Also, minor nitpick, you said crossbow in the final paragraph. Whilst the sentence is technically correct, the article is about a compound bow, not a crossbow.

    One of the first things you learn in archery is not to "dry fire" a bow - that is, release the string without an arrow attached. The arrow takes away most of the stored force of the drawn bow; in a "dry fire" scenario, most of the force is retained by the bow, making it likely to literally explode into pieces.

    Red Jacket Firearms did something a little similar on the latest season of Sons of Guns, they took a .410 gauge shotgun (I think) and retro fitted it to take an arrow so the powder charge drove the arrow. It was cool, deadly, but cool. It was for some archery professional.

      Was thinking this exact same thing... Dry firing this type of contraption could potentially be more dangerous than a normal bow.

    FPSRUSSIA shot an arrow out of a shotgun
    its ammo that can be bought

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