Busted! Aussie Cops Phone It In

Ello ello, what do we have here then? Seems the boys in blue misplaced their Bluetooth. Don’t we have laws about this sort of thing? Sure, they might have had good reason to be doing it. We’re just having a laugh. Leave your caption in the comments below. [Facebook] -Thanks James!


    Police and emergency services are excluded from the law

      no there not exclude from the law. he should be fined lose some points and lose his police job he is a danger on our roads

        Road Safety Road Rules 2009
        Part 18, Division 1, Rule 300.1.b

        The driver of a vehicle who is not a learner driver or the holder of a P1 probationary driver licence must not use a mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless—
        (b) the vehicle is an emergency vehicle or a police vehicle

          No your right, they're not excluded from the law, however certain laws have exceptions for emergency services... including this one.

        They're excluded from the law because emergency services need to do this to do their job. Whether it be a phone or a two-way radio (still using 1 hand and talking), they still need this in their vehicles to communicate with head quarters, which can consist of some very important information that helps them save lives.

          Agree, emergency services are aloud it. And while not perfect, they are fairly well trained (better than you and me) and have to do a lot of things one handed while driving (that sounds wrong).

            No silly, they don't have to be loud! They have the handset right upto their ear!

          ...So learners can use their mobiles?

            No, they are covered under a different rule as the penalties are different.

            The fully licenced driver in the passenger seat is punished more than the learner if they're caught.

          It doesn't matter, defence can't even do their job because everything thinks they are doing the wrong thing. Stop being silly, it's the law - no one should escape it. Australia is getting to soft and tip toe around everything these days because everyone is scared they're going to hurt someones feelings.

          "Who watches the watchmen?"

        Looks like a female to me, no?

          i got rear ended by a bumbo doing this yesterday

          Not really, no. Don't see what that has to do with it anyway?

        What Drew and nozlaf said.
        *No *they're not *excluded from the law. *He should be fined*, lose some points and lose his police job*. *He is a danger on our roads*.

          Actually I think a semi-colon would be more fitting in there.
          No they're not excluded from the law;* he should be fined, lose some points and lose his police job. He is a danger on our roads.

        Let me ask you this, would you still be angry if the call was from an off duty officer driving past your house watching a group of men break into your home, assault your partner and steal all your belongings?

        Would you want the Police to get there and stop this from happening as soon as possible?

        Or perhaps they go to your house once they had received a stern talking to by you for using a phone whilst at work?

        Police are required to take call for many different work related reasons including scenarios similar to above.

        Show some respect for the people who put themselves in real danger to protect morons like you each day they go to work.

        Police are exempt under the Australian Road Rules rule 300 and also rule 305.

        300 Use of mobile phones
        (1) The driver of a vehicle must not use a mobile phone while
        the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked,
        (a) the phone is being used to make or receive a phone call
        (other than a text message, video message, email or
        similar communication) and the body of the phone:
        (i) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle
        while being so used; or
        (ii) is not secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle
        and is not being held by the driver, and the use of
        the phone does not require the driver, at any time
        while using it, to press any thing on the body of
        the phone or to otherwise manipulate any part of
        the body of the phone; or
        (b) the vehicle is an emergency vehicle or a police vehicle;
        (c) the driver is exempt from this rule under another law of
        this jurisdiction.

      Unless there is a video the pic can't be used in any case towards the cop who says he isn't stopped on the side of the road in park when this photo was taken. Also no date stamp on the photo so why bother even posting this crap.

    Use of mobile phones

    300. Use of mobile phones

    (1) The driver of a vehicle who is not a learner driver or the holder of a P1
    probationary driver licence must not use a mobile phone while the vehicle is
    moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless-.........

    (d) the vehicle is an emergency vehicle, enforcement vehicle or a police


    A mobile phone is used by officers, just as much as the radio. On the job it is a very important tool.

    "Listen I've gotta go there's this fool talking on his mobile in front of me , I mean how manny tmes do we have to tell these idiots"( hangs up and puts siren on )

    this hardly seems news worthy...

    Calling through an order.....to donut king!

      Making comment trying to be funny.......uses American references.

        Donut King is an Australian company. If you're going to try to be a smart arse by sniping someone else, you could at least make sure you're using the right bullets..

          The idea that cops eat lots of donuts originated from America, and is not really relevant in Australia.

            Aussie cops eat a lot of chops (lamb). :D


            Maybe he's making a call.... to yo momma!

            There's nothing more Australian than a yo momma joke

            If that's the case, why are the donut shops in Brisbane near police stations doing well when most are shutting down? Check out the Roma St headquarters in the morning -- lots of coffee and donuts making their way back in.






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    HAHA this is actually quite a coincidence because last week in the city i was at the lights and in the car beside me was an officer on his phone for about 4 minutes throughout the change in lights just having a good old chat and laugh on his mobile phone. I actually got pissed off because a month before that i was stuck in traffic and quickly took a call (car hadnt moved for over 10 mns) and i was fined $250 and lost 3 points!!!! ahhh love the law hey?

    If I had a dollar for every time I have seen this I would be a rich bastard!

      If i had a dollar every time i saw this i would have 90cents. 10% GST

        What value has been added by seeing cops on phones?

          Actually 90 cents plus 10% GST you wouldn't have a dollar , you'd only have 99 cents. Granted if you were then paid in cash you'd have to receive a dollar and then you would have 91 cents.

            If the receiving of the dollar was a traffic fine there would be no GST. There is no supply in paying fines.

    If I had a dollar every time I saw this I would have $1.50

      How do you get $1.50? Did you see it once, lose an eye and then see another? :3

    I'm going to assume the photo was taken with a mobile phone also...

      Yeah from probably the passenger seat =P

    Do as I say, not as I do...

    I'm pretty sure the crimes act requires the copper to be on emergancy business. for example coppers who are speeding but aren't on a job can still get booked

      Only for things such as speeding, running red lights.
      There are no such restrictions on phones, provided you are in a police vehicle i.e. not your own car.

        I dare say that's a loop hole. if the cops are allowed to use a phone irrespective of whether it's official or unofficial business implies that somehow police are better drivers and somehow can overcome the very limitation that are used a justify the law in the first place. as far as I know you can be trained to drive fast but you can't be trained to deal with driving and using a phone simultaneously.

        so whatever the law says in this respect is basically bad law. besides cops move pairs. I would have thought SOP was whomever wasn't driving would be the radio / phone guy.

          Of course you could be trained to do both, imagine getting oral maths exams while driving on an obstacle course (that changed), like anything you would learn to do it quite well after a while.

    So intent of the law is to protect people not persecute, in the case of this photo it has no context, sure he may have been in an emergency situation or he may not have been.
    The bigger issue here is the police force as an organization are responsible for their employees, so they should have fitted out all police vehicles with a hands free system that would integrate with the phone issued to the officer. In the event that this was a personal call not a call related to police business (hence being made on a non issued handset) then this officer should be subject to the same road rules they rest of us are as he is endangering not only himself but also those around him.

      Ben Walters - BINGO!

      Hands free kits aren't really practical as you often discuss incredible sensitive information over the phone. This is the same reason that some information is communicated over mobile phones and not radios.

        What if they're using their phones for personal use and how would the public know that? It's still a bad look and the law needs to be changed.

      Finally a sensible comment

    Police in this photo are setting a bad example, and the law needs to be changed meaning police should use a hands free device (bluetooth) or pullover. After all they are human and could get distracted and cause accidents like the rest of us.

    "another troll is taking a photo of me parked on the side of the road having lunch to make it look like i'm driving on the phone. fml"

    The funniest thing is, you'd think a cop of all people would know to use the left hand to talk on the phone while driving. I don't use my phone when I'm driving, but the majority of people I see using theirs don't use their right hand to hold the phone!

    im not sure about regular police, but i know that highway patrol are allowed to use their phones.

    I work for NSW Police (as a civilian). Police have an exemption and can use their mobiles while driving.

    Passed a cop on the weekend on on his phone. The way I figure it, its hard to talk on the phone, drive, and monitor a radar at the same time.

    What a stupid article. Why does it say busted in the title? Busted for what? Doing something the police officer is legally allowed to do?? I hate these articles that trick you into reading them with their misleading title.

    The filth is the filth is the FILTH

    Aw naughty piggy

    Pretty hypocritical really. The Commisioner of traffic in Victoria recently quoted a study that stated a person driving a car whilst using a hand held mobile phone, has the same level of driver impairment as a drunk driver over .05. Unless the call was an absolute necessity, then it's wrong. What kind of message does it send to the community?

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