Best Way To Demolish A House: Drive A Tank Straight Through It

The owners of a 150 year-old house in Kasota, Minnesota decided that when it came time to tear it down, they weren't going to use boring conventional methods. They were going to use a friggin' military tank.

A local company called Drive-A-Tank, which provides the beastly vehicles for ordinary citizens to ride in, was called on to carry out the demolition. For those curious, that's a 1960's British FV432 plowing through the property. There's no word yet, sadly, on when Drive-A-Tank is going to open a franchise near you. [YouTube via Dvice via Huffington Post]


    Do you see a main gun in the picture? No. It's an armoured personnel carrier. Not a tank. it's like confusing a tractor for a bus.

    Mmmmm....asbestos dust!

    Yeah, it's not a tank. The difference is very large, in that not only does a tank have a rotating turret with a large calibre main gun on it, it's also got a hell of a lot more armour, so he's an extremely heavy vehicle, sometimes 40+ tons. An APC is a little light weight troop carrier, about maybe 16 tons? Sometimes they'll still a missile launch system in it or an autocannon turret, but it's still not a tank.

    ...enough war-porn nerdrage...

    In the US they used to hire out Sherman tanks for house demolition just after WW2. They were very effective for it, because of the weight and shape.

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