Backpack Radar Kit Promises To Secure Your Campsite

The great outdoors can provide a relaxing reprieve from city life, but not if you spend all your time worrying about bears invading your camp. So even though it's designed for military use, this radar-in-a-backpack kit should provide ample peace of mind when roughing it.

The kit weighs less than 9kg when packed away, but when you've settled on a place to pop your tent, it can be set up in just three minutes. Once it's running, it will scan a 150-acre area for movement, reporting its finds to an included wireless tablet that shows the radar signal overlaid on map imagery so it's easier to pinpoint an intruder.

Some might say that using this portable radar kit outside of military applications is a little overkill, but they've probably never had a bag of marshmallows nicked by a possum. Nothing spoils a camping trip more than marshmallow-less s'mores, so consider this undoubtedly expensive kit insurance for a perfect weekend away. [SpotterRF via Popular Science]



    Bears?? Who cares about bears?? This should be included in every Zombie survival kit!

      yes! as long as it can be solar charged.

    Bears huh? Drop bears maybe...

      Nothing can detect a drop bear man... Nothing!!

        Masters of stealth

    If the bears are dropping you are already dead. Nobody can hear you scream in the fores..............!

    Never mind that this thing would be blasting radio waves out in an easily detectable and pin-point-able way. Though bears and zombies aren't going to have the kind of equipment needed to do that.

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