Australia: Two iPhones For Every Android

Here's a statistic from Google's recent survey into smartphone usage in Australia which the search giant understandably didn't emphasise: if you own a smartphone, you're twice as likely to have an iPhone as an Android device.

Of the 520 Australians who Google surveyed and who owned a smartphone, 49 per cent had purchased an iOS device. 25 per cent used Android (which Google develops). Symbian came in third place with 8 per cent, followed by Windows Phone 7 with 4 per cent and BlackBerry with 3 per cent. For 76 per cent of respondents, this was their first smartphone purchase.

Other local statistics suggest a different story. A study by Frost & Sullivan we reported on earlier this year suggested Android accounted for more than half the current smartphone market. There's also broad agreement that the availability of cheaper Android models and competition between manufacturers is likely to give Android a long-term edge. Me, I'm all for healthy competition: domination by any single provider makes for less interesting products.

Republished from Lifehacker

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