Aussie Teen's Picture Of Cash On Facebook Leads To Home Robbery

Some people who use Facebook are not very smart, like one 17-year-old Australian girl who posted a picture of a massive pile of cash to her Facebook account and was then shocked when, just hours later, her house was broken into and the money demanded from her.

Apparently, the 17-year-old was helping her grandmother to count her savings -- ever thought of using a bank instead? -- when she decided to take a picture of what she herself described as a "large sum of cash". The image was posted at 4pm, and by 11.30pm the same day, a pair of masked men forced their way into the girl's home.

Fortunately, the image was posted from a different location, so the pair couldn't find the cash in question. Instead, they made off with a small sum of money and some personal belongings from the home. Luckily, nobody was injured.

It's not certain how the pair got hold of the girl's address, but given her posting tendencies, it seems likely that she's published the details online. The whole thing does, at least, serve as a great reminder that posting images of high-value items on Facebook when your address is also publicly available is obviously a really, really dumb idea. [BBC via The Verge]

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    Some banks won't just count cash for you. They make you count it and fill out some slips first...

      A few banks will have a coin counting machine (if it's coins), some take about 2% of the fee though. I know if you're a CBA customer (at a CBA bank) they'll do it for free.

        They won't count it for you to walk out with though. Their machine counts it and gives you a deposit receipt to put into an account.

    Silly girl. All the money being spen on educating kids about online security is obviously going to waste. NEVER post RL details online. I don't even have my real DoB online. And any photos I take with my phone at home have the EXIF data removed before I put them onto facebook.

      What sort of info is stored in EXIF data?

        FB strips iPhone GPS information from exif as do most sites.

      Isn't that a big paranoid? The only information that could be valuable to someone else in the EXIF data would time and date, and even then you'd have to be pretty paranoid if you think that's going to bite you on the ass.

        These days with smartphones, GPS Co-ordinates are also stored in EXIF data.

          Important detail, and worth knowing.

          Yup, phones include a geotag in the EXIF data these days - that's why the armed forces are curtailing the use of smartphones and FB (or at least trying to...)

            You *can* turn geotagging off if it's an issue.

              You *can* also strip EXIF data, if it's an issue.

      You're wasting your time, FB already removes EXIF data when uploading.

    What we're all not thinking of is the beneficial implications of this story. I'm going to take a photo of my hot bodus and post it, then sit back and wait for the masked hotties to come rolling around.... Now just need to find a picture of me from when I was younger and muscle bound, rather than more recent ones where I'm old and fat.

      lol. best post :)

    Some people are even dumber then that, I saw someone post a photo of their brand new credit card. And I a coworker of mine got fired for posting a photo of another coworker posing with a customers black Amex card. He wore a black uniform and the caption read "black on black".

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