Aussie Fitness Badarse Runs 21KM On Treadmill Attached To Hot Air Balloon

Rob Ginnivan just performed a crazy fitness publicity stunt. He ran a half-marathon on a generator-powered treadmill floating on a hot air balloon. Unconventional! At least it's for charity.

OK, so Ginnivan is obviously operating on an entirely different plane of consciousness than the rest of us, but his feat is downright impressive. As the Telegraph reports, it actually took Ginnivan twice as long to run the marathon than usual because he had to take teeny tiny steps on a mini treadmill. What's more, there were conditions he wasn't planning on. The rising balloon put the treadmill at a slight, incline and with each step the balloon rocked from side-to-side like a boat. Ginnivan hopes to raise $US100,000 for the Heart Foundation with a campaign of running in the air and at sea. [The Telegraph]

Image: Jeff Schultes/

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