Asus Transformer Infinity (TF700T) Hits Australia June/July

Last week Giz received news that the Transformer Pad TF300T and the Asus PadFone (already available in Taiwan) would arrive down under in May and August, respectively. But what about the Asus TF700T and Infinity tablets you asked! We now have an answer.

I reached out to Asus AU for comment and now have the following response:

"With the TF700T and Transformer Infinity they are the same device, this will be coming in very late June or early July."

Indeed, the Transformer Pad Infinity is the renamed TF700T. This new 10.1-inch tablet boasts an upgraded 1920x1200 (1080p) display, faster quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 2-megapixel front camera and an improved back panel due to improve Wi-Fi/Bluetoth/GPS performance.

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    Eee Pad Transformer Infinity vs iPad

    Do the Asus product naming people get paid per word?

      Transformer Infinity vs New iPad

      Does apple get paid for ambiguity?

        Agree - Asus is the brand, Eee pad is the range and transformer infinity is the name :) to call the other one by its full name 'apple Macintosh iPad three '

    Ahh yes!! Yet another fruit lover!!

    Freaking finally! I was waiting for this.

    Three points:
    1. Padfone seems stupid to me.
    2. The Infinity tablet isn't exactly 1080p
    3. This tablet is awesome!!!

      You know what seems stupid to me? Carrying around an iPhone and an iPad that contain exactly the same CPU, GPU and storage. OTOH, leveraging the CPU, GPU and storage from your phone to power a larger tablet-sized screen seems like a far better use of resources. And when you can also hook it up to a desktop mount with a keyboard and peripherals, you end up with one device to replace your phone, tablet and laptop, all but eliminating the need for cloud-based storage and the completely obviating the need to sync things all the time. Brilliant is how I would describe the PadFone and in a few years time I am certain it is how we will all be rolling.

        It is 1080p equivalent,due to the screen ratio ,we don't want squished or stretched video.

    When can we pre-order the TF700T???

    Looks like late June is going to be expensive for me. Telstra's HTC One XL and this...lucky I've saved up....

      How is it not 1080p? is stated res wrong, or does it not display progresively or something?

        He means it's OVER 1080. 1080 is a reference to the number of vertical lines of pixels. In this case, it's 1200 which is OVER 1080. Shanus is stating this because the author could be seen to feel 1200 is somehow different or inferior by putting 1080p in brackets after the stated resolution, which is HIGHER than 1080.

    ASUS dropped the eee from their tablet line. The name is Transformer Pad Infinity. The headline is incorrect.

    Will this be AUS 4G compatible?

      Almost certainly not.

        Why not?

        Shows 3G and LTE. Doesnt say what frequency the LTE will be using, but even if it is using 700MHz, its not that big a deal to change it to 1800 for Australia and Europe. Just because Apple is too lazy to do it, other brands have made the change for the Australian market.

          This si the International site you have got specs from.
          for a review on the Australia version.

          Most disappointing. Why on earth would they not include 3G to compete against all other tablets...

    Why not. Name any other Android tablet that has come to Aus with 4G, OTHER than the Samsung Tab 4G (which was Telstra only)?

    There aren't any, even though they exist. Why? Cause the Snapdragon chip is the only one that has LTE available. nVidia's Tegra 3 can't do LTE yet and have to rely on separate chips. Also, swapping a chip out might not SEEM a big problem, but if it's only for a few tens of thousands, in a country like ours? Not really viable for a production runs of millions.

    Its too expensive. They need to sell it without the keyboard and for less than the equivalent IPAD 3. Android tablets cant beat the IPAD on resolution and dont have anywhere near the same number of tablet optimized Apps. I want a HiRes Android Tablet but at $899 I will look elsewhere.

    What tha...?? I've read that the new Transformer Infinity definitely won't be 3G...
    So, is this a deal breaker for anyone else out there?

      not at all.
      I do not want 3G on any of my tablets.
      I can just tether it out of my phone (galaxy S2) which turns into a wifi router.
      I do not want to deal with another sim card, plan, prepaid etc..

      Definately a deal breaker for me - won't be buying without 3G.


    I'm a multi platform user. I used to be "all mac" but now have: an iMac, a Samsung Galaxy II phone, and am looking at the Asus transformer infinity pad over the samsung because I like the idea of being able to travel and backup my photos to a USB portable device - the Asus (right). Also I heard the Samsung 10.1 tablet is a plastic back (like the phone), and asus is metal - more secure.

    SO what I am asking is - should I backup my asus to my iMac, or just buy an external hardrive and back it up to there?

    Also so far as I understand it, all the other tablets don't have usb, they use the mini port thingy that has a usb on the other end (name has escaped me) like all the other android phones and tablets - so would ASUS be the way to go? The reason I want usb is because I can transfer files, photos, and things when I am travelling without problems.

    Tips/comments? Appreciate your thoughts


      I don't know alot about this and correct me if I'm wrong......but i don't think external hard drives work on the transformer primes.

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