Apple's Defence Of Siri In Lawsuit Doesn't Actually Say Siri Doesn't Suck

Back in March, Apple was hit with a US class-action lawsuit over Siri being dumb and bad. Which, well, yeah. But instead of rushing to the defence of its prized new software, Apple has run out a defence of, basically, "No, YOU ARE."

Here's the introduction and summary of Apple's motion to dismiss the case, as dug up by the Wall Street Journal:

Tellingly, although Plaintiffs claim they became dissatisfied with Siri's performance "soon after" purchasing their iPhones, they made no attempt to avail themselves of Apple's 30-day return policy or one-year warranty-which remains in effect. Instead, they seek to take an alleged personal grievance about the purported performance of a popular product and turn it into a nationwide class action under California's consumer protection statutes. The Complaint does not come close to meeting the heavy burden necessary to sustain such claims.

And hey, sure, that makes sense when you're trying to get a lawsuit tossed. But once it gets to talking about Siri's actual performance, here's all Apple has to say: "As a cutting-edge technology still under development, Siri was released (and remains) in "beta"... Apple disclosed Siri's beta status both during the October 4, 2011 press event in which Apple announced iPhone 4S and in the accompanying Press Release."

Not exactly a shining endorsement.

And it's not like Siri deserves one. Everyone kind of comes off looking bad here. Apple is right that Siri is in beta, but that's fine print in the glossy ads that it's shoving down our throats. And the idiots suing over voice command software are idiots -- the kind who class-action sue over something as asinine as voice command software.

Still, it's fun that when Apple has to come down to it, in legal terms, its description of Siri boils down to, "WE'RE WORKING ON IT, OK?" [WSJ via 9to5mac]



    Siri would be fine if it worked the same in every country. It's positively mind blowingly dumb that Siri is unable to access the map functions outside of the USA. Especially since the iPhone 4S comes with Google Maps already on it. I can access the same information myself so why can't Siri?

      Get an Android.

    as someone who has deployed ASR software into production to the masses i can understand their pain. that being said i agree with CAM, why is Siri locked out EVERYwhere? the vast majority of asr software comes with per-made recognition packs for just about every accent known to man.

    When will common sense make a return to our society ?
    You sold your soul when you bought an Apple do you think they're going to exchange it for another brand ?
    I may be wrong but I don't think so .......It's not like they sell anything else is it?

      "When will common sense make a return to our society ?
      You sold your soul"


        YEP, they made something that's not perfect, so now some one want's to sue them ?
        People believed in the advertising ,"sold their soul" was used as a tongue in cheek phrasing for this.
        I meant it "light hearted" because they're (the manufacturers) trying to compete and rely on the advertising they use to SELL the idea of their product.
        If it was all blunt logic they'd sell very little !
        The APPLE bit was JUST THAT! APPLE (the stores )do not sell NOKIA OR SAMSUNG ....LOL
        So does that explain what no one else felt needed explaining ?
        Belief in product=A little bit of your "soul", Not in the religious sense though or do you need that spelt out ?
        That bit is your personal choice .

          Reading your comments give me a headache.

            NICE trolling that...... LOL

              I'm not trolling, it's pretty obvious English is not your first language and reading your jumbled interpretation of English gives me a god damn headache.

    Dave, I recall reading somewhere that Apple was keeping Siri in beta and locations locked to the USA due to large data volume flowing through their servers, but thats from memory

    I don't understand why, as seen in TV ads, Siri users are all missing the tops of their heads.

    I've seen a few ads for Siri and I don't recall any "beta" notification therein. I will have to look for it, but the fact that I have to know about it before finding it in the ad kinda defeats Apple's "we told you upfront" argument in my case.

    lol Apple says something is great when in reality it isn't? STOP THE PRESS!!!

    wait, wait... people actually use Siri?

      +1 at ^ this

      All your arguments are invalid....

        Seriously, I own an iPhone 4S, played with siri for 30 secs then turned it (not her, it) off. Friend of mine wanted to try it, he got bored too.

    Re: Siri's functions that are available in the US but not in other countries.... My employer has a large amount of iOS devices, we had training on all things iOS and apparently one of the big issues with Siri is latency. This apple trainer reckoned that siri won't be put into production (i.e. taken out of beta) until they have more localised data processing. Apparently the amount of data apple process for Siri is crazy, and is getting worse with more people using it.

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