Apple TV Set Confirmed By Foxconn Boss

Hell? Frozen! The fabled Apple television set has been confirmed by Foxconn's bossman Terry Gou. According to Gou, Foxconn is getting ready for the manufacturing of Apple's TV. What will this magical device have?

Here's the shopping list:

  • High definition (to be called Retina Display for sure).
  • aluminium construction.
  • Siri controls (good luck!)
  • FaceTime video calling.

According to Gou, Foxconn — who is the main manufacturer of all Apple products — has joined forces with Japan's Sharp in preparation to make this device. Gou, however, says that development and manufacturing has not started yet.

I don't know how he is saying that when he is saying that development has not started yet at the same time. I guess he got a voice message from Tim saying "Hey Terry, whatup pal, we are thinking about doing that Apple television thing for reals? Are you in?" [China Daily via BGR]



    I'm seriously interested to see if Apple can manage to charge a premium to TV buyers and be successful. The TV market is pretty cut throat.

    On the plus side it'd be amazing to have a TV with a decent menu system that would see updates for a couple of years. Pretty much all TV menu's at the moment are terrible.

    On the downside this will push everyone else even harder down the smart TV path, which fkn sucks.

    If there's an electronics category in which people largely ignore brand, it's TVs. Look at the success of Kogan in Australia and Vivio in the US. There is no way this thing should be successful.

    Can't see the point in this TV. Unlike what Samsung or LG think, no-one wants a 'smart TV', they want a basic set that shows the best picture possible, then they'll attach a cheap Apple TV, WD drive, PS3 or Xbox 360 to get the content they want. How is this hypothetical device going to offer anything different from a current TV with a $100 Apple TV box?

      I have a smart tv, a samsung one, the great thing about it is that i can stream from a computer directly to it without needing a wd drive or a ps3 and it can play just about anything i throw at it. I've been told by several people that have visited that what they were watching looked different, that it had more clarity and colours then they had seen before in tv's, i don't think smart tv's are the end of good quality, just more choice in how we view our media

        ^^ THAT.

        Couldnt agree with you more. Thanks Michael for the most sensible non-fanboism comment.

    also, what is the point of a retina display in a tv, when the media is all fixed resolution?

    I don't believe the panel will be any better or worse than some of the TV's out there. There's a good chance the panel will be made by Samsung anyway.

    However where Apple will outperform the competitors is the UI of the telly. I have a Samsung Blu-Ray player which has the SmartTV in it, and whilst reasonably feature rich, it's not pleasant to use, and has nothing on XBMC or ATV.

    If Apple cam take a TV set, and bestow upon it a great UI then I think they'll do alright. Although if Apple take a TV set, and give it an average UI, Siri controlled that only works for US Cable networks it'll still sell well.

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