Apple Finally Selling HD TV Shows In Australia

One of the more notable gaps in Apple's local media lineup has been the ability to download TV episodes in HD. Movies have been on sale in HD for quite a while, but TV for Australian iTunes account holders was a strictly SD affair. That has finally changed, with Apple adding some HD TV shows to the local iTunes Store.

As Everything For The Man points out, Apple has started offering selected shows in HD. There's a 50 cent price premium on single episodes, which isn't too harsh; season passes vary in price (and in practice are high enough that waiting for the Blu-ray release will be tempting in some cases). Not every show you'd expect in HD is available, and we still can't rent TV episodes, unlike the US, but it's a step forward.

Apple finally launches HD TV shows on Australian iTunes [Everything For The Man]

Republished from Lifehacker

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