Apple Censors 'Jailbreak' In iTunes

Apple really doesn't want you to jailbreak your iPhone. So much so that it has reportedly started filtering the term "jailbreak" in the US iTunes store. The search results still turn up, but most of them show up as "j*******k".

Not every single result for "jailbreak" has been censored as a bad word. Take for example Thin Lizzy's classic record Jailbreak. For certain versions of the record -- mostly the older ones -- the title shows up as it should. For the new Deluxe Edition, the record's title is censored, but the word isn't censored in the description. The names of apps have also been censored, and as Shoutpedia points out, the iTunes store in other countries is still showing the full word.

What gives, Apple? So afraid of people setting their phones free that you can't handle a little rock 'n' roll? [Shoutpedia]


    C'mon now.. even Apple isn't that dystopian... (yeah it's a word, look it up) every time I read a story about Apple's control freak ways I think, George Orwell..!

      lol everyone knows dystopian is a word, do you think you are smart for using it?

        lol.. really? You don't think it was a jibe at those who would arc up because he used a word that is seldom if ever used these days! Do you think you are clever for arcing up because he pointed that out.?

          Arcing up? really? how popular the word is, is irrelevant people still know it's a word and he seems to think he is better than people for knowing it.

            Wow, although I appreciate Jaesass chiming in here, I promise you there was absolutely no hubris in the post at all. Yeah, that's right I said hubris it's another seldom used word, look it up :)
            Seriously mate, take a pill and relax, it's all just a bit of fun..!! ;)

              Dystopian and hubris written on one article? People are going to think giz is made up of nerdy intellectuals.

    and people still like apple because.....?

      because they are dumb - it is really that simple.

      if my daughter brings home a boy who uses an iPhone, i know right away that he is not going to have a good time at my house.

        Wow. What a superb criteria to judge people by.

        I've just taken note of your profoundly scientific wisdom: "all iPhone owners are dumb". Thanks James. I'll let my app develover mates with degrees in computer science know straight away that they are dumb for having iPhones. Cheers for your profound intellectual evulation of reality.

        Now I'm of to tweak my jailbroken iPhone with a plethora of Debian tweaks via SSH (somehow I manage with that ok, even though I'M DUMB).

        If your daughter is as dumb as you, I consider it a civic duty that you're performing right there by preventing her from ever breeding.

      Because the other end of the spectrum is just as retarded.

      You asked this question why?

        How is it not a valid question?

          It's not that it's not a valid question, it's just that any time anyone vaguely broaches topics like that on any website, the resulting discussion is always needlessly aggressive, boring and pointless.

            Hey - the Internet is no place for such clear thinking!

    Hey it's not just apple with the silliness. My old man signed into Diablo 3 for the first time and it wouldn't let him name is Barbarian 'Mop'. Apparently it's offensive.

    Political Correctness is everywhere and it is ridiculous when almost all of these online ecosystems have the ability to ban, remove or alter these names, words, profiles etc when requested.

      well there goes my interest, ill cancel my order now and get back to SC2 + X3AP :D

    Another one of those warm and fuzzy apple moments

    Obviously just an oversight. And already fixed apparently.

    But with all the locking down, surely they want you to j*******k it?

    It's apples system if they don't want you to jailbreak it that's up to them. You don't own the os you just have the right to use there software.

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