All Ready-To-Assemble Furniture Should Be Held Together With Rubber Bands

How many times, while assembling IKEA furniture, have you stripped out a screw hole, lost piece of hardware, or finished the project only to realise that the whole thing leans to the left? What if assembling (and reassembly) merely consisted of a few stategically placed rubber bands? Enter the Gummitwist shelf.

There are three components to the Gummitwist: wooden rods, metal shelves and rubber bands. Attach the criss-crossing rods to each other using the rubber bands, and then set the shelves on top. No screws, no nails, no tools. There's only one question left to be answered? Would you trust these rubber bands enough to handle your books/collectibles/electronics? [Nino Guelker via LooksFeelsWorks]

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