Alas, An iPad Speaker Dock That Isn't So Awkward-Looking

The iPad's built-in speakers aren't exactly mindblowing, so if you find yourself using it mostly as a stand-in for your TV, Beoplay's new A3 dock is a gorgeous solution to its sound woes — even if it costs more than the tablet itself.

With a price tag expected to fall somewhere around $US730, the A3 costs considerably more than what most users paid for their iPad, but one look at this thing and you'll be willing to stomach that credit card bill. Most speaker docks leave your tablet awkwardly perched on top like an afterthought, but the A3 lovingly embraces and envelopes it in a perforated facade that hides a set of three half-inch tweeters partnered with a two-inch subwoofer.

And since the A3 is simply designed to improve the iPad's sound quality, its aesthetics reflect that. The volume buttons are hidden away along one edge so they don't mar its clean finish, and there's no garish LCD display or blinking LEDs to be found. It's one of those rare times when a dock enhances Apple's own design, and we would not be ashamed to leave it sitting out in plain sight.

[Beoplay A3 via Uncrate]

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