A Historically Awesome Gaming Setup With Every Console In Existence

This might not be the best gaming setup ever but it's easily the most historically awesome. Like a Hall of Fame for video games, Pete's (or 16bitghost's) gaming setup is a video game shrine. It has nearly every console you could ever think of in its TV stand.

Behind the perfectly plump couches is a just as impressive collection of video game paraphernalia and handheld consoles. This room is the historical archive, the room of record for so many childhoods. I gotta say, I hope all these old machines work because if I walked into this room, I'd be itchin' for some old NES or GameGear action. Check out a video tour of Pete's video game lair:

A good life.[Pseudo-Macro via Geekologie]

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    Want much.... :)

    Keeping and preserving this stuff is important. This is a great collection. Nice work.

    Oh Shit Yeah! I want my Sega Collection to be like this.

    With a set up like that, I might actually have friends.

    Can you imagine the cable management issues behind the cabinet? So many dust bunnies.

    cant seem to find a xbox 360 :s

    No place for PS 4, XBox 720, Wii U ?

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I think this is fck pathetic.Instead of wasting that effort just go and close the tab and read the fckn stories you want.Stop being a loser getting all hung up on others' pastimes and fckn move on with your own life.

    CANT See the Amiga 32 either

    Some people have gotta collect something, I guess. How much would he get for all that on eBay?

    This guy is a big fan

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