86-Year-Old Man Lives On His Own Tropical Island With 120 Giant Tortoises

It's an ultimate-fantasy scenario for sure. Brendon Grimshaw, 86, is the owner — and sole human inhabitant — of the island of Moyenne in the Indian Ocean. His only companions are 120 giant tortoises. Sounds like quite a lifestyle.

The island is part of the island nation of Seychelles, about 1120km from Madagascar. Grimshaw purchased the land in 1962 for only £8000 (about $12,000). He then spent years re-introducing giant tortoises to the island; they were once native but had long since been killed off.

To add to the super-villain lair vibe, as reported by the Daily Mail, the island is said to be home to an abundance of buried pirate treasure. Grenshaw has found evidence of hiding places but has not yet come upon any chests of gold. Maybe he should start teaching all those tortoises how to sniff out the riches. [BBC, The Daily Mail]


    heh turtle soup if you dont find me then rubbles

    The old dude is a hero. Rumor is he has found treasure, on the hush hush

    Is the Island up for sale? Affordable?

    Im sorry, but he needs to change his name to Roshi and train his tortoises in martial arts. I think that's some kind of international law.

      correction Master Roshi

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