56 Years Of Deadly Tornadoes On One Gorgeous Map

If you've ever wondered if people in tornado alley are cursed, here's your answer: yes. Assembled from 56 years of NOAA data, this map shows every single (known) tornado that has touched down in the United States in the last 56 years.

Each line represents an individual tornado, while the brightness of the line represents its intensity on the "Fujita Scale". Who knew spontaneous events of natural violence could be so beautiful? [John Nelson via World Shaker via Buzzfeed]


    Hairy. They're pretty straight lines...? I thought they meandered a bit?
    Anyway, not so much "cursed" as living in a place known for having that sort of storm. Hahaha! Like people living below an active volcano on a flood plain, or over a tectonic fault line.
    Yup, cursed.

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