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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. How did you go building your own TIE Advanced out of floppy disks? What did you think of The Avengers (though keep a hat on those spoilers)?

A new week, a new thread. Feel free to take the conversation anywhere you like. Create some whitenoise by commenting below...


    Loved it in the Avengers when the Hulk was relieving himself in the woods and used a squirrel... Well no not really... However... Have just seen the movie and unfortunately the 3D crapped out at the 15 minute mark for me... Stayed and watched it in 2D, however, was actually enjoying the 3D for the first time... It was unobtrusive and (I think because of where I was sitting... Eye level with the middle of the screen and dead centre) I wasn't getting a sore kneck... Is it worth going back and catching the whole thing in 3D if I can get good central seats again... Does it add anything major to the action scenes?

    Just in case it hasnt been posted.

    An interesting concept, a student in america has created a camera that instead of pictures it spits out words describing the scene.


    Anyone know what time AEST the Samsung reveal is?

    Anyone know why One HD is being broadcasted in SD today? Is Ten doing away with One in HD and giving us back 10HD?

    I think its about time Giz got a forum. This is kinda lame lol

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