'Youm' Is The Official Name Of Samsung's Bendy, Delicious Screens

LCD manufacturers sure do love their acronyms. Samsung in particular went trademark crazy late this March, registering "WAMOLED", "FAMOLED", "PAMOLED" and "TAMOLED" with the US Patents Office. These were accompanied by a filing for "Youm", which, going by the company's website, will be the official branding for its super-flexible AMOLED technology.

The Samsung Mobile Display, or Samsung SMD, site provides comparison diagrams of LCD, Youm and OLED screens. The differences between LCD and OLED/Youm are clear, but the only real difference between the latter two is the use of a film, instead of glass, as one of the layers. Samsung is advertising Youm as "unbreakable", though given how thin and flexible it is, I'm wondering if "uncuttable" would be a more desirable attribute.

OLED Display is reporting that Samsung will be ready to mass-produced Youm displays come "Q2" 2012, but it's anyone's guess as to when we'll see them in commercial TVs, monitors and handheld devices.

When they do arrive, it'll be fascinating to see their exact characteristics. The tech allows screens to be rolled up, if this image is to be believed. If they're kept stored like that for too long, will they begin to curve? Does heat factor in to this equation at all? Guess we'll just have to wait.

[OLED Display]

Image: OLED Display



    This is the next big leap into the future, particularly for portable devices. The indestructibility of these screens comes from the being made using graphene, a 2D carbon allotrope that is supposedly 200 times stronger than steel. According to an article in the UK Telegraph last year, the screen can be rolled around a 25mm cylinder, which is a lot more useful than LG's new flexible eInk displays, which can only be bent 40 degrees.
    Its great to see Samsung are still on schedule for 2012 delivery of devices using this technology.

      yeah but can you name one practical use for these?

        I was saying the same thing when iPad came out. Bide your time.

        Off the cuff, I'd say "shatterproof screen" is a practical advantage, as well as "doesn't dig into your leg if you put it in your tight jeans pocket and sit down".

    Wild, I really want one of those retractable computers from Red planet and it seems like they really aren't that far from reality!!

    Samsung. Keep something for yourself. Don't sell these to anyone else.

    WAM! OLED >.> That's quite catchy.

    On a serious not, when they make large flexible OLEDs (any screen really)... Will they make curved monitours mainstream? like this one?


    I want one :D

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