Would You Wear This Hideous Android Hoodie?

I guess I've given my opinion on it away in the headline, haven't I? Gizmodo's night editor Elly — sorry, that should be Gizmodo's award-winning night editor Elly — spotted this for sale at a Canadian fan convention. I'm all for creative cosplay, but this thing? No.

According to Elly, this stunning ensemble — at least inasmuch as I'd want to stun anyone wearing it with some kind of club — could be yours for only 60 Canadian dollars ($58). She spotted it attending the Fan Expo Vancouver. Update: It's made by Vancouver design company, Punch Brand, who specialise in character-based apparel. Google contacted them to produce the official custom Android hats and hoodies that you can pick up on the Google store.

You might have heard of Punch Brands from their popular anime-inspired crazyheads hats label.

Here's Elly trying on just the hat part, which was selling at the same stall for 20 Canadian dollars ($19). She's far too modest to bring it up, but on Friday night, she was awarded the Best Reviewer award at the 10th Annual Microsoft IT Journalism Awards. Because she's awesome, but you should have already known that.

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