Would You Scoop Dog Poop For Free Wi-Fi?

It seems to be the year of finding creative ways to get Wi-Fi outside. First, there was Homeless Hotspots, which offended a lot of people. Now, there are Dogshit Hotspots, which isn't so much offensive as moderately gross.

Creativity Online reports that the Mexican web portal Terra is plotting a new service in 10 parks in Mexico City for people who walk their dogs while staring at their smartphones. The parks will be outfitted with special poop-weighing, Wi-Fi dispensing boxes. When you drop poop in the box, it converts the weight into free Wi-Fi for everyone in the park. Score!

There's nothing to stop people from filling the receptacles with other stuff, but Terra hopes the stunt will serve as education more than anything else. Will this convince people to clean up after their dogs or is this just another shitty Wi-Fi idea? [Creativity Online]

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