World's Largest Atlas Needs Two People To Turn Each Page

So how does the book publishing industry battle back as they watch its market share being slowly nibbled away by ereaders and tablets? Well, by churning out an incredibly massive 1.8m x 1.4m world atlas with a price tag of $US100,000.

The Platinum Edition of Millennium House's newest atlas — simply titled Earth — stands taller than the average person, and requires at least a couple of skilled pageturners to browse through its 128 pages. The book took over 100 cartographers, geographers and photographers more than four years to create, and this special monstrous edition is limited to just 31 individually numbered copies. There's no word on whether an electronic version will be made available for the Kindle or iPad, and we're assuming that's because it would weigh in at a hefty four terabyte download. [Millennium House via Cribcandy]

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