Will The Nikon D600 Be The Full Frame Successor To The D700?

Nikon Rumors has people telling them that the heir apparent to the Nikon D700 -- the full frame DSLR that went toe-to-toe with the Canon 5D MK II -- could arrive in coming weeks and will be called the Nikon D600. Next to no specs were offered up by this anonymous source, except that it will be an "entry level" full-frame camera with dual SD card slots, auto DX crop and baked in support for RAW editing and time-lapse creation.

Nikon Rumors pegs this rumour with a 40 per cent probability of being true, so it's entirely possible details on this thing will change, but its interesting nonetheless, since the D800 is definitely not the successor to the D700. [Nikon Rumors via PetaPixel]


    Ummmm, I'm pretty sure the D800 is the successor to the D700.

      erm, not really

      it's essentially the successor to the d3x without the built in grip

        well this one is "not really" based on rumored specs
        its more like cut down d700 with 'better' sensor

        Umm, not really, it's exactly like a D700 with a way better sensor. When the D4x comes out (with the d800 sensor), THAT will be the successor to the D3x. And, oh yeah! it's also called the D800.

    So it's for when your ready to move up to full frame ?
    What about the masses moving away from DSLR's are they moving down ?

      I really dont know that many ppl who moved from DSLR and if they did I really dont know why they got one to start with

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