Why Your Great-Grandfather Was As Bored With Technology As You Are

It's surprising how this comic, created by John T. McCutcheon over 100 years ago, is still completely relevant today. Titled Things Don't Seem Wonderful If You've Seen Them All Your Life, it stars a boy who is completely blase and unimpressed with the cutting-edge technology at the turn-of-the-century.

But while his parents marvel at the automobile, the gramophone, aeroplanes and motion pictures, it's a goat hitched to a wagon that really gets the boy's attention.

And, to be perfectly honest, sometimes we feel the same way walking the halls of CES every year. Sure, there's a lot of neat innovation and the occasional new product, but for the most part it's all stuff we've seen for years that fails to get us excited. But if a company were to demo a goat hitched to a trailer, well that right there would be front-page news. [Reddit via 100 Years Ago Today]

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