Who’s Winning The Browser Wars? [Poll]

Who’s Winning The Browser Wars? [Poll]

I still have not-so-fond memories of using Mosiac on a DEC system at University to browse that newfangled information superhighway, but you crazy kids of today can’t seem to pick a browser and stick with it.

Royal Pingdom has assembled the stats on worldwide browser usage, and it’s interesting to note that there’s no real standout winner; depending on where you are in the world, IE, Chrome or Firefox may have the lead, but not by any kind of massive margin, except perhaps in North America. Sorry Opera and Safari; you’re still in the minor leagues.

Closer to home, Oceania’s still an IE country, just, although that’s through two combined versions, which would suggest that Chrome users are a little more prompt in updating. Safari’s also up there; Royal Pingdom’s explanation of this is that the tracking software doesn’t break out mobile and computer based versions of browsers — or in other words, there’s a whole lot of iPad browsing going on.

That’s backed up by our internal statistics here, which show Chrome with a 33 per cent share, Safari with 22 per cent, Firefox just behind on 21 per cent, IE on 16 per cent and Android browser on 4.5 per cent.

So what do you use? To keep things simple, we’ll just go with browser types rather than versions, and just your primary browser of choice.

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