Who's Winning The Browser Wars? [Poll]

I still have not-so-fond memories of using Mosiac on a DEC system at University to browse that newfangled information superhighway, but you crazy kids of today can't seem to pick a browser and stick with it. Royal Pingdom has assembled the stats on worldwide browser usage, and it's interesting to note that there's no real standout winner; depending on where you are in the world, IE, Chrome or Firefox may have the lead, but not by any kind of massive margin, except perhaps in North America. Sorry Opera and Safari; you're still in the minor leagues.

Closer to home, Oceania's still an IE country, just, although that's through two combined versions, which would suggest that Chrome users are a little more prompt in updating. Safari's also up there; Royal Pingdom's explanation of this is that the tracking software doesn't break out mobile and computer based versions of browsers -- or in other words, there's a whole lot of iPad browsing going on.

That's backed up by our internal statistics here, which show Chrome with a 33 per cent share, Safari with 22 per cent, Firefox just behind on 21 per cent, IE on 16 per cent and Android browser on 4.5 per cent.

So what do you use? To keep things simple, we'll just go with browser types rather than versions, and just your primary browser of choice.




    you may close the poll now..


    The real winner of the browser wars is the user. We have three almost equally popular browsers to choose from, meaning all are well supported, and then even more with a not-insignificant market share. If you had told me a decade ago that this would happen, I wouldn't have believed you. I can't see us *ever* going back to a world where one browser dominates, and I'm glad.

      You're obviously not a web developer then

    Explorer? How are these stats real?

      Major organisations still use IE. That's where that stat is probably coming from,

      I know people hate on all things Micro$oft in the nerd bloggosphere, but to be perfectly honest, it's probably the best all around browser currently in use and the next version, I.E. 10, at least from a developers perspective, is flat out the most technologically advanced browser for developing apps on.

      It's funny, I actually started off as a Unix programmer professionally, but even I have to give Microsoft props for the direction they've taken I.E. in. You can hardly fault them for the fact that I.E. 6 was so popular that it was in use for almost a decade. It's too bad however that the perception of their browser is so strongly tied to that elderly piece of tech.

    How is IE's10.7% lead over Chrome in Oceania not significant? What surprises me though, is how popular Chrome is. I've tried it on 3 or 4 different occasions, once for a few months, and its never gelled with me. It is far too basic, much like IE, where Firefox with FireFTP and Download Statusbar is head and shoulders better. I'd rank it lower than anything else I've tried.

      FYI, you *can* get extensions for Chrome too.

        Derr! Trouble is, when I went looking there weren't any decent ones. I'm sure its improved but I still wonder why anyone persevered with it, given how poor it was when it first appeared and how good Firefox has been for years.

          The fact that Chrome gained popularity when FireFox was averaging 15 second start up times is important.

          Plenty like me jumped from FF to Opera or Chrome, precisely when it became a slow, bloated resource hog. It's improved now, but I don't find any inclination to return since Chrome has never done me wrong and Opera was amazing but poorly supported by my Uni eLearning portal.

          Your criticism of Chrome is completely baseless since it's just as (if not more) flexible than Firefox. It's not 'basic', there is more under the hood in Chrome than any other browsers, throw in all the extensions, add-ons an web apps (all of whom are also covered by Firefox at this stage), your argument is completely nonsensical.

            MotorMouth is a known troll, feel free to just ignore him.

      I switched from Firefox to Chrome when I found FF uses 15% of my Mac's CPU when idle! Now that I've switched to Chrome, my computer runs noticeably cooler. Chrome also loads faster and feels snappier.

    A long way from Netscape Navigator!

      I use to love watching the earth rotate when I was a kid :P

      That simplicity you speak of is the reason I use Chrome. I used to use Firefox exclusively because of plugins like Firebug and FireFTP. These days I find the inbuilt chrome developer tools faster and less clunky than Firebug, and a stand alone FTP program easier. I also like the way you can separate apps/plugins in Chrome from hogging browsing real estate.

      The combination of the search and address bar is in my opinion the best feature.

        What could be easier than FireFTP? I just click "connect" and its ready to go. The fact that it looks and works almost the same as WS_FTP makes it a total no-brainer. Obviously you are using your browser for things most users never will, so I'd expect your view to be different, but I use mine for the sorts of things I imagine the overwhelming majority do. i.e surfing the interweb and downloading stuff. Download Statusbar is just awesome for the latter, far and away the best tool I've seen or tried.

          You complain about how 'basic' Chrome is, yet you turn around and say

          " but I use mine for the sorts of things I imagine the overwhelming majority do. i.e surfing the interweb and downloading stuff."

          By that very token, you could use ANY modern browser for your tasks. Chrome is as flexible as you want, if you want it loaded and customised to be a productivity monster, it's fine. If you want it just for browsing and downloading, it's perfectly good out of the box.

    I really don't understand the hate around IE. I personally use chrome 80% of the time purely because of the loveliness that is Adblock. Used to use firefox but it tended to chug and crash. If IE had a solid adblock counterpart then I probably wouldn't have bothered installing chrome. It really isn't something worth having a headache over :/

      IE is really anoying to develop for, Other browsers are all fine, but then for IE we often need to make a seperate style sheet.

      Something wrong with Tracking Protection and Fanboy TPLs?

      The hate around IE stems from the old days when IE and netscape were battling it out. MS pulled some nasty trickes to get people over to IE and then once they achieved this monopoly they stopped developing IE. it took Firefox to come out before MS cared about IE again. so for me, the boycott still stands

    Most of the time with tracking software it shows the Android browsers as Safari, the ones I've seen...

    1: The majority of computer users have Windows computers with IE pre-installed, so they have to be motivated to look elsewhere.
    2: Only USA and Oceania have less than 90% using the big 3; is this an indication of the number of Mac OS users?

    I think IE is top because a lot of 'big corporations' would still be running it. I know my work we are still locked into IE, as painfully slow as it is, we don't have a choice.
    I would think that at work, most people run IE, but at home it would be a different story.

      There is always a choice.
      If you can install things use portable apps

      I run chrome at work since they changed the way you install it directly from explorer rather than as a program you download so was able to bypass their restrictions on installing apps. I read this is the exact reason they did it. Otherwise portable apps are great, try portable vlc too if you need a better media player.

    Can't use Chrome on this PC for some odd reason, even when I did a fresh install of Windows it just won't run.

    Either way, been using Firefox for the past 7 years and it still keeps me happy, so i'm okay with it. Just a 64-bit version please guys?

      There used to be 64-bit versions of the Nightly build on nightly.mozilla.org for Windows
      No idea what happened to them.

    I'm gonna jump in regarding Chrome - in that it likes to install itself at the earliest opportunity when the google-updater is on a PC system.

    I just cannot comprehend why anyone would use internet explorer or safari. They are both so much slower than Mozilla and Chrome.

    I am surprised IE's lead is not significantly higher. 90% of offices would be using IE as it has Microsoft support (most corporations would have a corporate package with them).

    At home I use Chrome of course.

    I am the .7%

    I'd argue its as good as firefox for extensions now. It is very heavily supported.

    The reason why Chrome was a success, I think, is because it was the first to get the UI right. Until Chrome, tabs were entirely in the wrong place. Also the fact that if one tab crashes, the others don't gives it an edge stability (not that firefox crashes that much anyway).

    I select chrome in the voting,but chrome is not the only browser i use .I also use firefox and Avant browser. These three browsers are the ones I have to use every day . Different browser open different web sites, I like this way, it make my browsers has less problems.

    I find the stats for Oceania (Australia being the majority) embarrassing because IE is at the top. But almost everyone in this country has a computer now and many of these people have no clue about browsers - full stop. For me the most damning thing about IE is how easily it can be hacked and it's failure to adhere to web standards. On the flip-side, I use Chrome because of it's security and adherence to those same web standards!

    Recently switched to Chrome. It was lighter on memory and faster to load pages. But it had one MASSIVE flaw. The Adblocker + extension doesn't block the video ads that play before many videos. Google apparently doesn't allow it. Soon as I found this out, back to Firefox I went.

    Also I hear that you cannot put a master password over the saved passwords in settings. Another big drawback.

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