Who Needs A Bike When Your SUV Has A Built-In Exercise Machine?

We've all seen these ridiculously equipped SUVs designed for the 1 per cent before. They're full of stained wood accents, plush leather seating, and everything from big-screen TVs to coffee makers. But this is the first time we've seen one with a full-on exercise machine inside.

This particular ride is a Cadillac Escalade ESV created by Becker Automotive Design. Besides the usual luxury accents, one of the seats features added hand grips and exercise pedals for getting a real workout on your way to or from work. We guess the company assumes that wherever your going has shower facilities, as we don't see its engineers finding a way to squeeze that amenity into an SUV. And maybe it's because we're not a part of the 1 per cent, but we can't help but wonder why you just wouldn't ride a bike instead? [Becker Automotive Design via The Fancy]



    That leather seat will be disgusting after a few commutes...

      so replace it

    Here's a new idea: rather than ride a exercise bike in your car you could ride a real bike instead.

      Yawn. Bin dun.

    yeaahhh get to your destination all smelly and sweatty

    Note: Businessman and Trophy Wife.

    That looks like a Madame Tussauds setup.

    hmmm, bang, kill or marry is the question shakespeare asked, i believe.

    now obviously the dude in the car picked the marry option. That just leaves bang or kill. To be frank though she looks like she's having far tooo much fun. Like she's a robot. In fact as you look at her perfectly formed body, those hips, bust and foot muscles I am drawn to the conclusion she a roh-bit, a dangerous killing machine from the future (a terminator if you will), who has been drawn to this ultra rich 1 percenter to get a bit of exercising action from his decked out SUV before embarking on her (or it) kill mission. Definitely one would have to apply extreme prejudice to this problem.

    I guess what i'm getting to is that one would bang (purely for science) first and then kill this roh-bit, before it had a chance to kill the future leader of the resistance.

    Looks like he's sitting next to a mannequin, or one of those creepy real dolls.

    That is sad why cant you just go outside and exercise

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