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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. Spot any good bargains we may have missed? What do you think the fallout will be from the AFACT / iiNet decision?

A new week, a new thread. Feel free to take the conversation anywhere you like. Create some whitenoise by commenting below...


    I am on a lovely Telstra RIM and cannot get Naked DSL.


    How did allure go at the awards on Friday night (IIRC)? one of the articles mentioned Elly Hart won something but Mark and Tracey? the kidmans? etc.

      Google yielded This. Allure winners were:

      Best Reviewer: Elly Hart, Gizmodo
      Best Website: Lifehacker
      Highly Commended Technical Journalist: Angus Kidman, Lifehacker
      Best Gaming Journalist: Tracey Lien, Kotaku
      Best Gaming Coverage: Kotaku
      Best Journalist: Tracey Lien, Kotaku

        It's the feedback from you guys that helps shape the ship we sail. Keep it coming!

    Anyone off to see The Avengers this Wednesday (or very late Tuesday night, if you're keen on midnight showings)? I'm seeing it on Wednesday, and pondering some kind of mass reader review, similar to the stuff that Mark does over at Kotaku. Any interest in that kind of thing? (would/could be massively spoileriffic, obviously)

      Seeing it on Thursday....though it's in 3D :(/ Still...ZOMG

      I wasn't really interested in seeing it in cinemas, just waiting till it comes out on dvd, buuuuut, after hearing so much good stuff about it, I think I'm going to have to change my plans...

    more info on that wake up campaign you reported yesterday, its all over the news.com.au site with a link pointing to this:

      I just saw the add again and didn't see the start of it before, it seems black creeps over a picture of rivers and waterways then, "WAKE UP" appears in white.

        Hinnnnteresting. Thx for sharing the link.
        Two mysteries remain.
        1. WTF is this all about then?!
        2. Why you reading news.com.au Willis? ;)

        According to the countdown it should be about 3hrs til we find out more ...could be a protest initiative for greenpeace or similar but they have money backing no doubt .

    I need to change my mobile phone plan and you guys seem to be pretty into that. I make a couple of international calls a month, send a few international SMS', about an hours worth of local calls tops and a few dozen local SMS'. As for data I normally have it turned off, but I just got forced to spend about $40 on under 2MB, so I'd want to go with something that can do a few hundred MB when the home internet is out and I have to go online to see what's wrong.
    Currently I'm with Optus but I've got zero brand loyalty (and I brought my phone outright and the contract expired like a decade ago so nothing is locking me to them). As long as I can bring my number over and the service is good I don't care. My bills normally come in at around $25 and I'd love for it to either stay that way or get lower, so I'm willing to drop the international phone calls if I have to.

    Any suggestions?

      Heya Dogman,
      Recommend you look at the prepaid phone plans that give you around 1GB internet included when you need it. They're right in your price point.
      Here's a comparison from Gizmodo's sister site, Lifehacker:

      Hope this helps!

    Can you guys please look at CAD/BIM stuff, I have asked this a few times and as a cadet engineer I need to keep on top of the latest goings-on! Thanks.........?

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