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    aussie telco consolidation continues with M2's purchase of Primus. I've worked with M2 before (big shout out to M2 Provisioning) and i have to say for anonymous bunch of investors who have no real spirit or desire to be in Telco that they are one bunch of strange fish.

    the big million dollar question though is who will end up with AAPT's gang of four interconnect; TPG or iiNet? The race is on.

    Just wondering with regards to the Olympic channels on Foxtel with the Samsung TV’s, will Foxtel on Xbox 360 subscribers be offerred any Olympic channels with the sport package and/or additional fee?

    Keep an eye out for closing Dick Smith stores in your area. Some awesome bargains to be had when it comes to gaming and phones. Most of the rest of the store is just 15% off though.

    Picked up a white Lumia 800 Next G for $500, although all the consoles were gone by the time I got there.

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