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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. Perhaps, like me, you're glad the AFL season is finally back, good and proper. Though I've been hearing that watching games via Telstra's AFL Live service is fraught with problems, which is concerning, as I thought it'd be a great way to view the odd non-free-to-air game.

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    The made for TV film: Pirates of the Silicon Valley - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0168122/ . Just wanted to recommend it to the few tech-heads that may not have seen it. I watched it again yesterday and its a great watch if you can look past the "1990s made for TV" vibe.

    Noah Wyle absolutely nails the young Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall is pretty convincing as Bill Gates too. My only gripe is the guy that plays Ballmer is wearing the worst fake bald head cap ever, and isn't nearly as sweaty as the real Ballmer ;)

    This film should really be required viewing for anyone interested in the early days of home computing and the amazing personalities that drove it, as well as the blatant acts of stealing products and ideas (that these days would be litigated out of existence). It should also be used as one of the greatest examples of how stupid the American patent and litigation fights have become, given this films so clearly proves that nothing is truly original and great ideas nearly always copy elements from others.

    Anyway that's my two cents. Go watch it :)

      Don't know how I managed to type "the" in the film title. The correct name is of course just "Pirates of Silicon Valley"

      I haven't actually seen it, which sounds like some great sin. I must also admit that I've never seen WarGames either.

      Fail at life, etc. I know.

        Dude! I've lost all respect for you! I thought you were a true geek? ;)

        But seriously check it out sometime. Its fascinating viewing, and should be a good introduction to the two upcoming movies about Jobs.

        "never..." "seen..." "WarGames"?

        I understand the words as they stand alone, but somehow the meaning of that sentence eludes me. How is this so?

    So over the long weekend my friend died.
    And by friend, I mean my Roomba -- the little robot who could (and did) get me out of vacuuming for the last 3 years under the guise of a birthday present to my wife. Karma, however, is a bitch.
    Somehow a trip to the supermarket turned into me spending $500 on a new Dyson DC26 "mini city" model for small apartments like mine. And trust me, I ain't rich. It's cute, and great quality and all that. But man, I kinda think she had an ulterior motive. She jedi mind tricked me. Ever been techno sucker punched by your better half?

      I've wanted one of those robotic vacuums since they came out for the very same reasons you stated :)
      Sadly we ended up with a Dyson upright(hyperallergenic whozzit whatever) and the handheld unit as well... Not sure how this was a good compromise...

        when i found out everyone had one i got sad. very sad. inconsolably sad. like kill all the monks in a monetary sad.

        then i found internet cats. i take two a day and now everyday is caturday

      As I learnt during our last vacuum buying excercise - if you are shopping for a vacuum with your wife, you're all but guarenteed to come home with a Dyson.

      Hell somehow we managed to come home with one (AND a turbine head worth an extra $100) even though I was between jobs after having dumped whatever money we had on an interstate move.

    Hey Gizmodo, how about showing some love for an iPad app (and flash - according to their website) called WilderQuest. It's a free app made by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service for kids. It's a seriously excellent effort and deserves some publicity.

      I spent the weekend bush walking national park trails south of sydney (and buying a Dyson). Always happy to support Nationa Parks, but that app may be a bit too young for us. Dunno.

    FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Australian Tour!
    Sydney tickets go on sale next Tuesday ( not sure about everywhere else):
    Letting you know because we're nice like that. But steal my tickets and I'm coming for you ;)

    Simon is right. Pirates of Silicon Valley is totally ace. And the book that it was based on is totally brilliant - written by a top notch journo (ex Wall Street Journal, I think? It's been a while).
    (hai Logan, hai Alex, hai Danny!) :)

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