What The Hell Is This Guy Wearing?

Is it a comically-large miner's lamp? An homage to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? And why is he falling out of a plane? To show you how well this phone's camera takes pictures, obviously.

To promote the HTC One X, a skydiving fashion shoot was the obvious choice. So, HTC hired photography student Nick Jojola to jump out of a plane and photograph model Roberta Mancino as she streaks past at 289km/h while wearing glittery pants.

Two jumpers provided ample lighting for the shot thanks to the enormous lamps atop their noggins while another pair below released smoke and Jojola and the guy he was strapped to worked the camera. The entire circus of a shot looked like this.

HTC also produced a short film on how they pulled off this high-flying stunt. [Engadget via Peta Pixel]

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