What Is F-Stop, And How Can It Change Your Photography?

F-stop is to photography beginners what inorganic chemistry is to an MFA graduate: some kind of black magic that only makes sense to experts. That said, I'm sure plenty of seasoned photographers use f-stop numbers without knowing what they really mean, too. But no more, because this video explains the concept in a way that makes complete sense.

Dylan Bennet talks you through aperture size, focal length and how they combine to produce the elusive concept that is f-stop. OK, so there's a little maths, but it's not too complicated, and the understanding you'll gain makes it worth it. He wraps up by explaining how photographers use the f-stop terminology -- what people mean when they say they're going up or down stops, and what's meant by a fast or slow lens -- and provides a neat trick for memorising the scale. Enjoy! [YouTube via PetaPixel]


    Great narrative, I now understand my F-Stops a lot better. Can't wait for hour video on Shutter Speed. Mahalo.

    I won't be watching it on my phone on the train but I'll be watching it as soon as I get home. Definitely going to very handy to understand... Now if you guys could do a round-up of lenses for beginners as well, I'd love you guys forever.

    And why do we need to be able to memorise the f scale???

    For anyone who wants to understand how f stop, shutter speeds, ISO all relate - do yourself a massive favour and buy a copy of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. It's alot easier when you have actual photographs illustrating each point to show exactly how a different setting influences the photo.


    "What Is A Steering Wheel, And How Can It Change Your Driving?"

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