What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

The Coalition went on a timing rant, NBN Co’s advertising didn’t exactly go as planned and a new chief financial officer was named for the National Broadband Network in this week’s wrapup of NBN news.

• The Coalition’s position on the NBN hasn’t specifically changed, but the attacks have, with coalition politicians attacking the speed at which it’s being rolled out… [Gizmodo]

• … or whether the rollout map’s been chosen on party political lines. [Gizmodo]

• The NBN rollout will require staff for construction and maintenance, but fibre splicing might be your best bet for some steady NBN work if you’re keen. [Lifehacker]

• iiNet will become the first service provider to offer all three types of NBN connectivity — fibre, satellite and wireless — when it kicks off its wireless service next month. [ITWire]

• Speaking of fixed wireless, services have commenced flowing from NBN Co’s first fixed wireless tower in Armidale, with Internode being the first retail provider. [ITWire]

• NBN Co’s started an aggressive advertising push, paying for radio time on Sydney’s 2GB, home to a number of NBN critics. They read the paid advertisements — but not without adding their own editorial spin beforehand. [Delimiter]

• We’ve got the three year plan now, but it’ll be at least two years before NBN construction hits peak rate [ZDNet]

• ISPs may be lining up to sell NBN services, but they’re not particularly happy about the lengthy scope of NBN Co’s Special Access Undertaking. The current SAU calls for a 30 year term; the ISPs would like it to be considerably shorter. [ITNews]

• NBN Co announced the appointment of Robin Payne as Chief Financial Officer; he’d been acting in that position since January. [ITWire]