What Do You Want To See Out Of The Galaxy S III?

Samsung's launching the Galaxy S III this week in London — or if it isn't, it's going to be looking at a lot of exceedingly annoyed Samsung fans the world over. We've seen what most likely will be the chip under the hood as well as video purporting to be of the phone itself, not to mention the teaser trailer.

If Samsung is launching the successor to the Galaxy S II this week, it's got to deliver quite a lot of phone to live up to the love that many Android users have for the brand — or at least the high end of the brand, given that Samsung will clearly put the Galaxy label onto some surprisingly low end phones as well. But what do you want to see — and perhaps more importantly not want to see — out of Samsung's flagship 2012 phone? What should they call it, and does that really matter?


    i am expecting a 60" Super DUPER AMOLED PLUS TIMES 3D foldable screen (so that it's pocketable) with the ability to for pop-out buttons and no bezel. I also expect 2TB of RAM, 500TB of internal storage, 8K PPI resolution and i expect it to wirelessly charge from the sun AND the moon, as well as any other light source. It will be paper thin, have a 1 million MAH batter, have a holographic 3D projector and it will also have 99999.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. If it has all that then it will probably satisfy me until next year. I hope these expectations aren't to crazy

      Pfft the iPhone will still be better cos it has Siri

        Best Comeback ever.

          Fail trolls

        A little while ago google search was updated with siri-esque voice commands, no fuss, no fanfare, the only thing is that it doesn't speak back to you, which is good

    *Super AMOLED Plus (no pentile please)
    *Much better battery life - 12 hours video, more importantly 3G web browsing battery life vastly improved
    *Expandable memory, or atleast more internal memory, 32GB minimum, 64GB pref
    *4G would be good, but not essential
    *Good camera, megapixel not as important as quality of the photos, so better lense, better low light

      +1, also
      - If Samsung doesn't put expandable memory in it, it will prob get outsold by the sgs2 like the nexus did haha. so thats a big part in its success IMO.
      - Not only a good battery but i think another reason the sgs2 was successful was a Removable Battery... don't do what HTC One X have done...
      - NFC
      - Aussie compatible 4G on release day.. not 12 months later when the sgs4 is about to come out!
      - Better Camera
      ** Would be nice to have a graphics processor up with the IPad 3, the benchmark i have seen wasn't quite up their, that way you could HDMI games to you TV with wireless controllers at a decent framerate.. this is essential but it is a flagship phone and should be achievable.

        +1 NOz: Great battery life, and or removable battery.
        : Expandable storage.
        : A camera with quality on par with the iPhone.

    I would like to see it not being better than HTC one X, which means I can go get the One X immediately and not have to wait (how long?) before getting the new S3 in my hands.

      I think the point this year and not announcing at mwc was that once announce they could push them out for worldwide release relatively quick

    Screen resolution: with 1080p with advanced gorilla glass with fingerprint resistant...5 Inch would be grt
    Memory: Expandable to 64gb, with Internal memory 64gb and 50gb of dropbox like HTC ONE
    Battery: 3000 MAh and with a Battery saver mode built-in with OS
    Voice: Need a HD voice for Calls
    Size: Slimmer and flat without chins and bumps on camera
    Camera: Need min of 12 MP and faster than HTC One.
    Price: F*** us as much as you can....but make sure that is worthy for a while ;)

      Not possible 1080p screen. ICS is running 720 natively so there is nothing to be gained by going up to 1080. I'd just like it to be SAMOLED+ (no Pentile), a better battery, expandable storage, launch with universal LTE radios, 12-15 hour battery life (even if it's a bit thicker)

    I want to see the galaxy s3 actually exist.

    I don't really care what features it has - aside from better battery life. If they can get the battery life up to around the 12 hour mark with heavy use then I'd buy it straight away. I love my S2 but the battery is abysmal.

    Less Optus bloatware. Seriously, Samsung needs to put a stop to this nonsense.

      Less Samsung bloatware too - just stick with vanilla ICS

      Grey import FTMFW. None of this buying through a telco rubbish, you're ALWAYS going to end up with bloatware and ALWAYS going to end up getting updates over the air, MONTHS later.

    microSDXC; keep my entire music collection on my phone (~120GB)

    1080p screen would be nice, just to set the benchmark. (Though, on a 4.5" screen, that'd be a reidiculous ~490 PPI ...)

      They won't because 720 is the native resolution for ICS and you won't get any benefit going to 1080. This is on top of the established production lines for 720p screens and the pre-existing difficulty in getting even these ones out. There are still 4.0 phones coming out with qHD. Android phones will be 1080 when the OS itself is fundamentally updated but 720 is perfectly fine for almost every task right now.

    720P AMOLED, Quadcore, MHDL, NFC, 8MP camera,16GB Storage, ICS, 4G, microSDXC and the Home/Menu/Back buttons in the right order!

    The reality is that we've waitied this long for the SGS3 because we're expecting it to be better than the OneX. On the off chance it isnt, we're just going to buy the OneX instead.

    Just stop getting bigger. I don't want a phone that can be used to launch and recover F-18s in the Persian Gulf.

    Can you make phone calls on it, or is it just a games/MP3 player?

      Yes, you can make phone calls on it.

    Aside from the usual stuff that people have already mentioned, screen res, battery life, and cpu bump.
    - reduced bezel area, so if it comes with the rumoured 4.6" screen, it will be the same width and height or less than the gsII
    - ditch the hardware menu button

    Similar to galaxy nexus with better processor, expandable memory and longer battery life....
    And 12MP camera couldn't hurt. :)

    I want samsung to name it 'The Next Galaxy'

    No bezel. Just want a thin metallic frame like those on my glasses. The top and bottom can be curved and have all the notifications and virtual buttons so that I don't lose valuable real estate on the screen.

      Haha good one

    - 720p Super AMOLED Plus Display
    - Gorilla Glass
    - Quad core with high end graphics
    - reduced bezel area
    - Good battery life (at least 10 hours)
    - NFC
    - Australian compatible 4G (not essential)
    - 8MP camera with enhanced lens and optics
    -Removable battery
    - Vanilla ICS

    I want the Galaxy S3, and te Galaxy S3 XL

    The XL is 5mm thicker, but has an awesome battery in it!

    (Oh, and the usual, ICS, quad-core, good camera, but we all know that will be included)

      Comment is meant for charlie

    Better battery life (even if means heavier and thicker than SGSII), better screen resolution (same size screen), ICS, true 4G multi-band support, better optics for the camera, 32gb "usb" storage..

      What's with wanting ICS on a phone? My GSII now has ICS and I can barely tell the difference,

        That's because Samsung skinned the hell out of their TouchWiz ICS so almost none of ICS's design language came through and it looks almost identical to 2.3 with TouchWiz. This is a damn shame, since stock 4.0 is one of the most beautiful OSes out there without LiveTiles.

    Better battery life.
    Better camera with more manual features :) for both video and photography
    Louder better non back facing speaker
    ICS.. Without touchwiz
    HDMI out
    Led notification light?
    Higher res screen with minimal bezel

    The iphone 4S...

      Why would anyone want *old* technology???

    Not demanding a better battery but at least can last for a day for heavy users and it is changeable.
    Australian release must be Exynos Quad-Core powered and support DC-HSDPA
    Telstra 4G is optional for me
    MicroSD support and very important unlock bootloader.
    720p Screen Display on 4" to 4.6" screen (Not too big please)
    Launch and available next 2 weeks in Australia (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

    Is Everyone forgeting our friend "Induction Charging".
    I am running ICS on my SG1 and i love it. The only time I plug a cable into the phone is the charge it. Apart from that everything else is wireless. Give me induction charging then this would be the perfect phone full stop.

    Inproved NCF for speed high speed data transfer

    Then the next thing is for all the new tablets to have NFC and Induction Charging. Logitech to use NFC and Induction charging for their Keyboard amd Mouses. Then USB Sticks to have NCF and Induction. Add this all to a mat onto of your desktop and perfect world.

      I had an induction charge kit on my SII and it's not ideal. Even official, well-supported options like the Palm Pre + TouchStone take significantly longer to charge than conventional AC or even USB. At this stage, I just plug the phone in when I sit at my desk and have another MicroUSD on my bedside table.

    50" Screen, Dual TV Tuners with HDD Recording, 3D and iTunes store compatibility.

    I want it to play WoW...

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